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1) Why should marketing be outsourced.?
Ans. 1. The  cost of operations through companies like Nedsons will be much 
            lower than setting up a local office.
        2. If a person has to travel from Head Office, with today's cost of travel it is 
            too expensive and not effective enough, because the individual would     
            be able to devote only limited time, in this market.
        3. Local contacts, language and networking, play an important role in  
           Industrial marketing, today. 
2) Does Nedsons undertake marketing of any product.?
Ans. 1. No. 
        Nedsons focusses on Industrial Engineering and Electronic Components
        and    related capital equipment and instruments.  They also   try   to
        market    products which have a synergy with their existing lines.  
3) Will Nedsons assign an exclusive person for each product line.?
Ans. No. 
        The territory is divided geographically and each salesmen is required to   
        handle all product lines though one person may be designated as an  
        expert to whom the technical queries  will be referred.  However, if the       
        market demands and the cost/benefit being justified,  Nedsons           
        have no objection in considering this after a period of time.
4) What is the guarantee once a line is entrusted to Nedsons, there will be results forthcoming ? 
Ans. As a policy Nedsons does not take on lines just to add to their list of clients.  They evaluate each line and if it is in synergy with their existing line and if they feel they can do justice, then and then alone do they take it on.  Once a line is accepted, Nedsons devotes its sincere attention to develop the line.  After the initial 12 months, Nedsons is willing to work on sales targets to demonstrate their genuine intentions.
5) What are the areas handled by Nedsons.?
Ans. Nedsons  Primarily works the Karnataka Industrial Markets and covers Bangalore and its surrounding suburbs like Whitefield, Doddaballapur, Jigani, Bommasandra, Tumkur etc., KGF, Mysore, Hubli, Mangalore and Hosur for strategic reasons.  For some clients, Nedsons covers the south Indian market through Regional representatives and for overseas clients the whole of India, but the concentration is in the Industrial belts of  Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhyapradesh, Delhi and UP, again through a network of Regional representatives.